Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

April 2014 newsletter

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Sorry for the lateness of April's newsletter, but better late than never!! This month focuses on the consumption of alcohol! Enjoy the read.


The Effects of alcohol

A recent report has claimed that drinking 3.5 pints of beer per day can add 2lb of weight per week, equal to 7 stone per year. To rub salt in the wound, people add to these calories in booze by following them straight up with unhealthy eating and exercise plans go out the window. It has been said that for most people, the tipping point comes at 9.3 units of alcohol which is the equivalent of 3.5 pints or 3 large glasses of wine. Once past this stage, half of drinkers consume an extra 2829 calories in food and 1476 calories in alcohol FOLLOWED BY 2051 EXTRA CALORIES in food the next day in an attempt to feel better. Chips are the most popular food to binge on while drinking, followed by pizza, kebabs, burgers and crisps.

It is estimated that consuming 3500 extra calories is equal to a 1lb weight gain. So taking in 6300 extra and burning off fewer could result in 2lb being gained in a week!

A nutritional expert said,

"Alcohol stimulates appetite, makes us eat more unhealthy foods and lowers our inhibitions, all of which can mean unhealthy choices. The Governement has stated it's commitment to tackling obesity and binge drinking, but more must be done to highlight the link between them."

Is alcohol sabbotaging your good intentions or desire to lose a few pounds? It may be worth challenging yourself to cut it out completely for a month and hopefully seeing some positive results as a consequence!


Weight management and alcohol

The first thing to remember is that alcohol calories can often be higher than those contained in junk food. One gram of alcohol has 7 calories whereas a gram of carbohydrates or proteins has 4 calories. The second thing to remember is that once you start adding mixers to drinks, you automatically jack up the calorie count. The syrups and fizzy drinks will do a lot of damage to your weight loss programme!


Nutrition and alcohol

Alcohol contains only empty calories and has NO nutritional value. Not only this, but it can also impair your body's ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat. Having said this, in MODERATION it also has several known health benefits and one glass at the end of a long day can help you relax.


Calories and alcohol

Be mindful of how many calories alcoholic beverages contain. If you are trying to watch your weight, steer clear of cocktails as these can contain anything up to 1000 calories depending on how they are made. Try to stick to light beers/wine or spirits such as gin or vodka teamed up with slimline tonics or diet fizzy drinks. Also be aware that often good intentions of just one or two drinks can often lead to four, five or six!!!!


Quote of the month

"We drink to one another's health and spoil our own."

Jerome K. Jerome


Star client of the month

This month's star client goes to Lucy Green. Lucy started working with me in January after having a baby boy. Her main goal was to get back to her pre pregnancy weight which she achieved over the course of 12 sessions. Always a joy to work with and very disciplined so well done Lucy!!!!

Special mention to Erin Lyne who has got stuck in so well to her sessions after having a baby girl recently. Great to see!!!!

Once again, a fantastic month generally for all my clients. So many hardcore sessions and I am really pleased with the effort levels from everyone. Keep at it and you could get client of the month in May!!!!