Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

August 2013 newsletter

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Hope you have all made the most of the sunshine this month by getting outside as much as possible. I have loved every minute! Enjoy the read.


Snacking after exercise

Are you exercising more, but still not losing weight? The answer could be as simple as what you're rewarding yourself with afterwards. Experts say that we over-estimate the calorie burning power of exercise and often undo all our hard work by overindulging.

The warning follows a University of Washington study which found that waistlines in the US are continuing to expand, despite people exercising more. Jonathan Ross of the American Council on Exercise said there is a 'war between exercise and nutrition in our heads'. He said: 'People tend to overestimate the amount of physical activity they get. They work out a little bit and treat themselves a lot.'

An hour long aerobics class burns about 400 calories. The same amount could be gained from a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream or a simple slice of cake. Treats are not the only problem, with studies questioning whether a short burst of activity can compensate for a day sitting behind a desk. Dr. Michele Olson, a professor of exercise physiology said even running a marathon would not burn off a pound of fat which contains 3,500 calories. She also said moderately intense ten minute bursts of exercise two to three times a day 'markedly reduces our risk of all causes of mortality'.

Health officials recommend adults notch up at least two and a half hours of moderate exercise every week.


Weight management

Going hand in hand with the above, try to put a rough estimate on the amount of calories you will burn throughout each day and then eat accordingly. If you know your day will not incorporate much activity (including incidental activity such as walking/standing), make sure you are fully in tune with how many calories you are consuming. People are often shocked at how little it can seemingly take to rack up the calories. Drinks, spreads, sauces and dressings all count and some of them very heavily, so don't be naive! Educate yourself and become as calorie aware as possible! On the flip side, if your day is pretty active, you can afford to consume a bit more, but don't get lulled in to a false sense of security.



The humble cucumber is great for re-hydrating the body and replenishing daily vitamins. They are 95% water and have most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day. Try to leave the skin on as it contains a good amount of Vitamin C, about 10% of the daily recommended allowance.



Try to go calorie free naturally. "Diet" drinks with artificial sweeteners may condition our taste buds to crave super sweet foods. Plain old water is the best calorie free beverage, but if it is too plain, you can always add a squeeze of lemon or lime or a bit of 100% fruit juice.


Quote of the month

"You can't get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good."

Jerry West


Client quote of the month

"Oh my goodness, even my knees are sweating!"

This comment was made by Sophie Kirkwood-Jones whilst out running in the extremely hot weather we have had throughout July!


Interesting fact

Female breasts are composed almost entirely of fat which is why when dieting, they tend to reduce in size long before you reduce the wobble elsewhere!


Client news

Client of the month goes to Tony Bamford-Mumby. Tony has put in a lot of work over the past few months and is steadily chipping away at his weight, whilst also increasing all areas of his fitness. His core in particular has become notably stronger. Well done Tony and keep up the good work. Not long to go until you hit your target!

Well done to Sophie Kirkwood-Jones who set out to do three days on the juice diet this month (consuming only homemade juices). Soph did wonder if she would have the willpower to complete three days, but ended up excelling herself by completing five days! She said she felt great after!

Another mention must go to Caroline Richards who has been progressing well each week after a serious knee injury at Christmas. Caroline is now back jogging and working hard on getting her overall fitness back to where it was pre injury.

Finally, two of my relatively new clients have made a great start with their training by being ultra focused in their sessions and making sure they get the very best out of themselves. Well done Phil Poulter and Rohit Ghosh!

See you all in September!