Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

January 2013 Newsletter

Hi everyone,Newsletter

After a lay off from sending out my newsletters and people then telling me they missed them, I have decided to start up again for 2013. They will now be released monthly (on the first Monday of the month) with the exception of January and the star client will be the person who puts in the most high quality sessions for the previous month. Therefore star client will not start until the February newsletter. Enjoy the read....


If I lift weights, will I get bulky?

This question is often asked but if you were to look at a pound of muscle and a pound of fat, you would notice how much smaller the muscle is even though it's the same weight. This means the more muscle you have on your body, the less space it will take up. Both men and women often make the mistake of thinking that lifting weights will make you look like a bodybuilder. That's like saying studying physics will turn you into Einstein!! The amount of food, time and discipline it takes to get huge from lifting weights is almost a full time job and sometimes influenced by illegal substances. So embrace weight training. You will look and feel leaner and rev up your metabolism.


Maintaining a healthy weight

During the winter months, people can often find their weight creeps up. The combination of cold weather and less sunlight can encourage comfort eating and discourage exercise. The slippery slope then begins and before you know it, the pounds have crept on. Try to keep on the straight and narrow by planning your weeks in advance and making regular days and times for exercise. Creating a menu plan for the week can also be a huge advantage as this prevents you from making bad decisions when it comes to meal times. The key to success is in the planning!


Nutrition tip

To wake up your excretory system in the morning, try boiling a cup of water and mixing it with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Add a pinch of salt and when the mixture is cool enough to drink, stir in up to a teaspoon of honey. The lemon juice cleanses the kidneys as well as the bowels and the salt will draw waste material from the bloodstream whilst the honey soothes and tones the intestinal tract.


Calorie awareness

If you are partial to a cocktail, be careful of over indulging! One Pina Colada (330ml) can contain up to almost 500 calories. A few of these in the space of an evening and you will have consumed near enough your day's allowance. Liquid calories can easily add up, but with some wise choices you can still enjoy a drink or two without it throwing your whole weight loss strategy off balance. For instance a small glass (125ml) of white wine contains around 85 calories. Space out your alcoholic drinks too by having a large glass of water in between.


Quote of the month

"There was a massive poster of me down my road, right outside the chip shop. I was about to go in, but then I saw it and changed my mind. Me coming out with a bag of chips while I'm up there doing crunches on the poster....well, it would not look good."

Jess Ennis

Fitness fact of the month

By the age of 65, individuals who have not engaged in exercise on a regular basis may incur a decrease in their muscular strength by as much as 80%.

Star client of the month

This part of the newsletter will start in February and will reveal January's star client.


See you on the first Monday in February!