Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

January 2014 newsletter

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. The newsletters are back monthly for 2014! January's newsletter talks about New Year's resolutions and it is my resolution to make sure my newsletter is released monthly this year....enjoy the read!


New Year's resolutions

Many of us are great at making New Year's resolutions and then proceeding to talk to others about what we are going to do. This then helps us convince ourselves that we will stick to them and this year will be different. WE WILL FOLLOW THROUGH!! Sadly, this is rarely the case and slipping back into old habits happens VERY quickly. That said, below are five diet and fitness resolutions that you should perhaps try to take on board and attempt to stick to in 2014,


1.) Instead of making a list on paper or in your head about what you want to change or do, try focusing on one thing each week or fortnight and see that through before contemplating starting the next thing. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you can easily commit yourself to saying that you will only consume 'X' amount of calories per day only to fall off the wagon at day two! Instead, make realistic small goals and once you feel they are under your belt, move on to the next thing. An example is to cut out your mid morning treat of chocolate or a muffin and swap it for fruit or rice cakes. Once you have consistently nailed this, start paying attention to your portion size and trying to decrease the amount of food on your plate at meal times. Aim to add another small change every 7-10 days.


2.) Make every session count! If you tell yourself there is no point in doing a gym session as you only have 20 minutes, think again! You can easily achieve something in 20 minutes such as an intense core session or hard run. If you are working at a high intensity, the time will fly by and you'll feel so much better for it.


3.) Aim to eat nutritiously 80% of the time and use the other 20% to allow for treats. Commiting yourself to never eating anything considered bad full time, is a recipe for failure and you will feel deprived. Having the odd treat will not be of any harm if you follow a good diet 80% of the time.


4.) Schedule your workouts each week so you know THAT specific day and time is allocated to exercise. My clients all have set session times in a week so that there is no excuse. If you can't trust yourself to then use that set time to exercise, make an arrangement with a friend to exercise together.


5.) Regular weigh ins on a set day each week are important to keep your weight under control. It is so easy to shy away from the scales as you know you have not eaten particularly well or done very much exercise. However, as the weeks tick by, your weight can easily tick up. Face up to what the scales say each week and if you have put on a few pounds, you can easily regain control by being good the following week.


Weight management

A new study suggests that by simply eating more slowly can significantly reduce how many calories people consume in one sitting. The study involved a small group of both normal weight and obese or overweight participants. All were given an opportunity to eat a meal under slow-speed, relaxed conditions and then in a time-constrained, fast-speed environment. All participants consumed less when eating slowly and all said they felt less hungry after eating a slow meal compared with a fast meal. One possible reason is that slower eating allows people to better sense their feelings of hunger and fullness.



Calorie counting is an effective way to drop the pounds or simply just keep weight constant. If this is your preffered method, then you need to be organised and have low calorie snacks to hand during the day to prevent you from reaching for calorie loaded foods. SAVIOUR SNACKS could be your answer! A new Super Skinny box has been launched for 2014 which includes 14 extremely tasty and nutritious snacks. Every item contains less than 120 calories. I have just received my first box and have been extremely impressed with every product I have sampled so far. Definitely worth a try!!

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Quote of the month

A good one for motivation in this New Year!

"It is a shame for a person to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable."



Interesting fact

A recent report published in The Online Journal Of Sport Psychology found that listening to your favourite tunes while you exercise is one of the most effective ways to enhance your mood, reduce tension (a classic buzz-sapper) and make you feel more alert post workout.


Client of the month

This month's star client goes to Jackie Hyde. Jackie has made a lot of improvements in her overall fitness in recent months which has been very rewarding to see. Keep up the good work Jackie!


New clients

A big welcome to Arlete Passos, Lucy Green and Harriet Western-Williams.


New gym

For all my local clients, I am now working out of a gym as well as outside. The gym is based behind Silvermere Golf club and by clicking on the link below, you can find out more information,


See you in February!