Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

May 2013 newsletter

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend in the sunshine. This month's newsletter has been released a day late due to the bank holiday. Hope you enjoy the read!

Why use a BOSU ball to train?

The BOSU ball is an extremely useful piece of equipment. The word Bosu simply stands for both sides up. The great thing about a BOSU ball is that you can do so many different workouts with it. The options are limitless. The point of the BOSU is to provide a state of controlled instability whilst performing exercise. This provides at least two benefits to your exercise,

1.) More muscle groups are required to help stabilize your body

2.) As a result of using more muscles, you burn more calories

For runners, the BOSU provides an easy way to do cross training at home. When running, specific muscles are being targeted and strengthened, but some of the minor muscles and tendons (especially near the joints) that control our movement may not be getting the same strengthening. By cross training on the BOSU, strength can be added to those muscles and in turn, they will help keep you stabilized and injury free when out road running.

Other benefits to using the BOSU include,

*Improved balance

*Great for toning muscles

*Great for strengthening the lower back and glutes

It is easy to incorporate using other pieces of equipment such as medicine balls and dumbells on the BOSU. Instead of doing medicine ball exercises on the floor, you can do them whilst standing on the BOSU which forces many other muscles in the legs and core area to switch on in order to maintain balance.


Weight loss

It has been proven that men can lose weight at a faster rate than women, which is likely due to our physiological make up (women are supposed to have more fat than men because they are the birthing gender). As such, females should set separate goals to males especially if they are trying to lose weight together. It is worth remembering that a 2lbs weight loss per week is the upper end so even if you just lose a pound, give yourself a pat on the back!


Nutrition tip

Strawberries contain as much immunity boosting vitamin C as an orange, zero fat and a mere 50 bikini body friendly calories. They are in season this month so pick up a punnet or two!



By educating yourself on what a single portion of any food should look like, you can save yourself from consuming too many calories. Although tedious, buying a set of food scales to measure out your portions correctly can pay dividends. People are often amazed at the comparisons between what they have been consuming and what they should be consuming. The majority of foods now come with all their nutritional information on them, so it is much easier to control your calorie intake. Once you have been measuring for a while, the need for scales will become less and less as you will be able to determine on your own what a portion looks like.


Quote of the month

"The World of achievement has always belonged to the optomist."

J. Harold Wilkins


Interesting fact

Climbing the stairs one by one burns nearly 20% more calories than leaping up them in twos. This was discovered by scientists at the University of Roehampton.


Star client

This month's star client has been hard to decide as there have been many high quality sessions. However, Julia Bowen has been working incredibly hard recently since returning from holiday. Every part of the session is carried out to the maximum of Julia's capability which is fantastic to see and the improvements are consequently clear to see. Well done Julia!

Other mentions must go to Matt Bates and Nicola Putland who have put in a couple of very focused sessions this month. Great to see!

I would also like to wish Chris Leighton-Davies the best of luck in his 10k race this Sunday.


See you in June!