Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Newsletter number fifteen

Hi everyone,Personal Training in Weybridge, Surrey

Please see below your weekly health and fitness update. Enjoy! Have a great weekend.


Recovery days

Building recovery time into any training programme is thoroughly important as this is the time when the body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place. Recovery also allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. Exercise or any other physical work causes changes in the body such as muscle tissue breakdown and the depletion of energy stores (muscle glycogen) as well as fluid loss.

Recovery time allows these stores to be replenished and allows tissue repair to occur. Without sufficient time to repair and replenish, the body will continue to break down from intensive exercise. Symptoms of over training often occur from a lack of recovery time. These symptoms include the following,

* A feeling of general malaise

* Staleness

* Depression

* Decreased sports performance

* Increased risk of injury

The principle of adaptation states that when we undergo the stress of physical exercise, our body adapts and becomes more efficient. It is just like learning any new skill. At first it is difficult, but over time, it becomes second nature. Once you adapt to a certain stress, you require additional stress to continue to make progress. There are limits to how much stress the body can tolerate before it breaks down and risks injury. Doing too much, too soon, will result in injury or muscle damage, but doing too little, too slowly, will not result in any improvement. Therefore it is always worth seeking advice from or working with a fitness professional to help you progress at a steady rate.



Visualisation is a very powerful mental strategy. Visualise yourself sitting on the sofa feeling guilty about not doing some form of exercise is likely to encourage your mind to take on those negative feelings! Instead, imagine yourself exercising and feeling good. See yourself on the home stretch of a run or playing that game of squash or in the middle of that exercise class and sense how good you feel. We all know how great we feel after a workout, so remember these feelings before you start.


Weight loss

MYTH : Don't worry about dieting - just exercise

FACT : You probably won't be able to work out enough to make up for eating a huge meal. Exercise just does not burn enough calories. Eating a slice of apple pie that is 500 calories will mean two hours of brisk walking to burn it off! So remember, you won't lose weight unless you also cut your calories!


Nutrition tip

Dark beer contains more iron than pale or non-alcoholic beers so if you do fancy a tipple, half a pint of dark beer may have the best benefits. Just don't overdo it!!



Onion rings often come as a side order, but think before you order them! A medium portion has about 398 calories and 20g of fat. For a side order, they contain far too many calories and as a small main, not enough protein. Generally, best avoided if possible!


Quote of the week

"People only start to make positive changes (in lifestyle) once they start to experience the signs and symptoms of an illness."

Vicky Senior (Health psychologist)


Interesting fact

By the age of 65, individuals who have not engaged in exercise on a regular basis may incur a decrease in their muscular strength by as much as 80 percent.








I have reached 65 and beyond

I have reached 65 and beyond and exercised regularly, but that session you gave me this morning Dom, WAS HARD, I know you were impressed at the beginning, but sorry to say, I could not maintain it. You said, if I were a client, you would of pushed me after 5 minutes to regain my breath and I think now, I should of pushed myself. I WILL TRY HARDER NEXT TIME, I promise x