Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Newsletter number fourteen

Hi everyone,Dom Lloyd-Walter - Personal trainer based in Weybridge

Hope you have all had a great week and have a good weekend ahead of you. Enjoy this week's read and as always, feel free to comment!

Age is no barrier

The benefits of acquiring new skills such as languages, crafts and computer know-how and doing brainteasers like crossword puzzles and Sudoku, have long been known, but it is only now that scientists have begun to understand the importance of physical exercise to the health of the brain. Up until recently, brain deterioration was thought to be an inevitable part of the gradual decline that accompanies ageing. However, many studies reveal that it is quite the opposite. Research findings in Cambridge, UK, suggest that new neurons created after exercise can play a role in improving cognitive function. In addition to this, cardiovascular exercise (running, jogging, power walking, biking, swimming) raises our heart rate, which in turn exercises the heart muscle. These exercises also maintain the strength of the rest of our musculature....between the ages of 35 and 75, we lose 30% of our muscle mass unless we use it! In fact, much of the so-called age related decline is shown to be not due to ageing alone, but inactivity. So use it or lose it!!



It is important to realise that it takes three weeks to form a habit, so employing strong self control in the early stages of a new exercise programme will be well worth it. As you get more and more sessions in the bank (however long or short), you should start to feel the benefits of regular exercise on the body. Many people talk of getting a real buzz after a good workout, but of feeling lethargic and tired when they miss a regular session. So stick with it and look forward to reaping the rewards!!


Weight loss

MYTH : Carbohydrates are fattening

FACT : Despite all the very scientific theories about carbohydrates and insulin levels used to support this claim, there really is no established scientific evidence to support the claim that carbohydrates are fattening. Carbohydrates provide approximately 4 kilo calories per gram, similar to protein (3.75 kilo calories per gram), and half the energy value of fats (9 kilo calroies per gram). You can therefore continue to enjoy carbs whilst on a weight loss diet, but remember to choose the carbs wisely, soupy noodles instead of fried ones, plain white rice instead of fried or biryani rice and breads with less spreads for instance, and don’t forget to eat all foods, including carbohydrates, in moderation.


Nutrition tip

If you are looking to change your diet, then it is best to do it gradually rather than all at once if you want it to be a long term success. Don't expect to revamp your eating habits overnight. Too much change, too quickly can seem daunting and lead you to soon give up on your good intentions. Try to deal with excesses and deficiencies of certain foods with modest changes that can build up to positive, lifelong eating habits.


Calorie shocker

A TGI Friday's Jack Daniel's burger will give you an incredible 1680 calories! Opting for the TGI Friday's turkey burger instead will give you a massive calorie saving coming in at 410 calories.


Motivational quote

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence."

Vince Lombardi


Fun quote

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."

Arthur Koestler


Star client of the weekSue star

Once again this title has to go to Sue Munch. Sue reached her target weight this week after first approaching me to work with her on her diet and fitness ten weeks ago. She has done exceptionally well losing weight steadily each week, whilst also working incredibly hard to increase her fitness levels. Many of my motivational quotes apply to Sue! She is a shining example of how hard work and discipline pays off. Her testimonial can be viewed by clicking on testimonials on the left hand side of this page. WELL DONE SUE!!






You are gorgeous, you old

You are gorgeous, you old hag, and if I could give you just one gift ever for the rest of your life it would be this, Confidence, It would be this gift of confidence, Either that or a scented candle! Quote from One Day by David Nicholls, just read the book, truly inspirational and saw the film this afternoon, not as good as the book, but well constructed considering the years it covered! Your bit about Confidence struck a chord and oh! so true!! On a lighter note, well done again for a well put together newsletter and so true, exercise the body and the mind will follow.................xx