Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Newsletter number thirty five

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Hope you have had a good week. Enjoy the read and have a really great weekend!

Interval training

Interval training is maximum cardiovascular exercise. All cardio benefits are increased by doing interval training once a week. The benefits are huge....your heart rate slows, you use oxygen more efficiently, you get faster and you feel great from all the endorphins running around in your bloodstream. The following points should give you enough motivation to start building interval training into your weekly programme,

1.) Due to it's short bursts of intense activity, interval training really gets the endorphins flowing and you feel fantastic.

2.) Resting heart rate decreases. This is because cardiovascular exercise over time increases your stroke volume (the amount of blood your heart pumps on each beat). As interval training is maximum cardiovascular exercise, it leads very quickly to increased stroke volume and your heart rapidly increases it's efficiency with consistent interval training.

3.) The point above means that there is less wear and tear on your heart.

4.) You become faster which means your longer cardio workouts become easier.

5.) Climbing hills becomes easier.

6.) You become stronger and faster in all other cardiovascular activities.

7.) Decreased risk of high blood pressure. Cardiovascular exercise has abundant medical benefits including decreased susceptibility to heart disease. Interval training being the most intense form of cardio offers even greater benefits over time.

8.) Lower cholesterol levels. Cardio exercise has been shown on many occasions to decrease blood cholesterol.

9.) Stronger immune system. Your immune system responds positively to regular strenuous exercise. Interval training due to it's intense qualities yields a heightened immune response. People who exercise regularly build up a "shield" against colds and flu.

10.) It helps keep you looking and feeling young. The benefits of exercise are profound and impact both physical and personal aspects of your life. You sleep better, wake up more refreshed, have healthy looking skin, improved digestion and overall feel healthy and well. Your attitude throughout the day becomes consistently have more ideas, are more creative and more fun to be around.


Weight loss

In today's World, food temptations are absolutely everywhere. Even if you are doing well on your mission to lose weight, you are always prone to the odd slip up with diet danger zones everywhere....tiredness, stress, children's leftovers, being pressurised into a couple of alcoholic drinks then not having the willpower to turn down the late night fatty snack! It is important to remember that it is often emotional triggers that lead to overeating so always question whether you are actually hungry and need the fuel or if you are having it for another reason. Also remember that if you do over-indulge, try to really limit what you have afterwards so that spread across a number of days, your calories are still reduced.


Nutrition tip

Eating Greek yoghurt and honey together is a perfect recipe for those who exercise on a regular basis. When eaten together, these two food products increase endurance and fasten the recovery of the muscles which can wear and tear during physical activities. Another advantage of this combination is for those trying to lose weight. Having them together for your breakfast with a portion of fruit (one tablespoon of honey and one serving of Greek yoghurt....approx 200 calories) provides a nutritious start to the day. These foods are rich in proteins and carbohydrates and keep the body full for a substantial amount of time.


Calorie awareness

Gregg's crumbly cheese and caramelised red onion sandwich = 562 calories

Gregg's cheese and tomato sandwich on Flora light = 444 calories

Calorie saving = 118 calories


Quote of the week

"It takes struggle, a goal and enthusiasm to make a champion."

Norman Vincent Peale


Client quote of the week

"You know you are working hard when you can feel your pulse in your mouth!"

James Sayers


Interesting fact

Your body has more than 650 muscles.


Challenge of the week

Winners of this week's leg raise challenge are,

Male winner : James Sayers with 43 reps

Male runner up : Matthew Bates with 41 reps

Female winner : Nicola Putland with 51 reps

Female runner up : Jackie Hyde with 33 reps

Well done to all participants. Nicola....very impressive!! Next week's challenge is right side plank many can you do?


Star client of the week

sophieThis week's star client is Sophie Bowen. Sophie has done incredibly well hitting her first target this week. Well done Sophie....fantastic effort! Bring on the next goal....