Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Newsletter number twenty eight

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Hope you are managing to keep nice and warm in the cold weather! Please see this week's newsletter below. Have a great weekend despite the arctic temperatures!


The benefits of GPS watches

Keeping fit is a modern day dilemma. More and more people are seeking ways to improve the quality of their health and physical condition. Thanks to modern luxuries, it has become much easier to live a comfortable lifestyle. But the downside of this is that we tend to exercise less and consume more food. Running can be a fun and cheap way to improve and maintain ones level of fitness or to lose weight. Many GPS sport watches offer features to accurately track your total exercise. More importantly perhaps is the number of calories burned in a training session which is also something a top rated GPS sport watch has to offer.

On the other hand you may be an outdoors type who is fit already. You regularly go hiking across the countryside and need a navigation tool to ensure you do not get lost while out in the wilderness in unknown countryside. The GPS wrist watch can be as handy for hiking as it is running. Essentially a GPS watch can hold an entire route in memory, letting you know if you are on a known course or have deviated.

No matter what your purposes. If you are undertaking a sport or activity that involves moving from point A to point B, then the GPS sports watch best suited to your chosen activity can assist you in your pursuit.

The GPS or Global Positioning System network is a constellation of between 24 and 32 satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, allowing GPS receivers to measure their current location, the exact time and velocity. The GPS network became fully operational in 1993 and can be used freely by civilians for navigation purposes.

The benefits of sport watches with GPS is that one does not have to carry a bulky unit around. The disadvantage is a small screen size allows limited mapping and navigation information. However a sport watch GPS can present speed, pace, distance and elevation making it ideal for sports like running, cycling, skiing and rowing.

Having recently invested in one myself, I can honestly say they are well worth the money. Being able to track your heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories accurately is huge motivation to keep striving to improve on your personal best!!


Weight loss

If you are attempting to lose weight, bear in mind that patience is needed. Unfortunately there is no quick fix solution and losing between one to two pounds per week is the recommended amount. Keeping on the straight and narrow can be very testing at times, especially in today's food abundant society. Most social events heavily include putting food and drink in our mouths. Make sure you keep on top of things by knowing exactly what foods will help you stay on track with your weight loss mission and knowing that you have to weigh in once a week on a specific day should make you think twice about what you are consuming throughout the week.


Nutrition tip

Using artificial sweeteners in your food may not be such a great idea. Recent research shows that sugar substitutes may actually be stimulating our appetite for sugar. Each type of sweetener, eg. Saccharin and Aspartame, have also shown to carry some kind of health risk. Having sugar in moderation may be a better approach.



A large strawberries and cream Frappuccino (whole milk) with whipped cream from Starbucks contains a whopping 459 calories, (as much as some meals). Opt instead for a small caramel Frappuccino light blended coffee (minus the whipped cream) and you'll only consume 96 calories. It definitely pays to be calorie wise!!


Quote of the week

"Whether it is ten miles or one mile, you will never regret lacing up those running shoes and getting on the treadmill or going outside!"



Interesting fact

If you have an inactive spouse, then the chances are that you will be inactive too. Motivate each other!!


Challenge of the week

Winners of this week's leg raise challenge with a 1kg medicine ball held between the feet are,

Male winner : Tony Bamford-Mumby with 60 repetitions

Male runner up : James Sayers with 33 repetitions

Female winner : Alex Sayers with 65 repetitions

Female runner up : Julia Bowen with 46 repetitions

WELL DONE to all participants. Alex, tremendous effort!!

Next challenge is back to the forward long can you hold it for!? Results revealed in next week's newsletter.


Star client of the week

This week's star client has to go to two people....James Sayers and Sophie Bowen. Both are making great headway on a weekly basis towards their goals. This week saw both James and Sophie improve their running pace amongst other things. Well done to both and keep up this fantastic momentum!

James           sophie      







A special mention must also go to Sophie Kirkwood-Jones who put in a very high quality session last night improving on her running pace and strength work. Well done Sophie!