Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Newsletter number twenty four

Hi everyone,Personal Training in Weybridge, Surrey

Hope you all had a very happy Christmas and I wish you a happy new year. Please see below the first newsletter of 2012.


The Christmas health aftermath

The excesses of drinking too much alcohol, eating too much sugar and consuming too much caffeine at Christmas (or any time) can have a huge impact on your body, so come January it is worth investing time in pre planning how you can compensate for the stresses your body has been put through. Below are some ideas you can try to put into action, 

* Challenge yourself to eliminate either caffeine, sugar, wheat and dairy, or all of them, from your diet for a four week period to give your body and immune system a chance to reboot. You can then slowly reintroduce them into your diet and you may even find that as you clean up your diet, your body will stop craving them.

* For weight loss, try to eat protein with every meal. Protein leaves you feeling fuller for longer as it is much harder for the body to break down. Have vegetables with every meal as these are high in nutrients and very filling. Try to steer clear of wine and cocktails as these are full of sugar and very calorific. If you do have a drink, try to stick to clear spirits such as gin and tonic.

* Make an effort to get an exercise routine that will realistically work for you.  It has to be a long term strategy. Have a plan, set goals and work out how much you want to lose and by when. Once you get the fitness bug, it will become a habit and you'll miss it when you don't do it. Remember, make your goals realistic and achievable. One step at a time will see you achieve that long term goal.

* Figure out a meal plan. This really is key in weight loss as leaving what you decide to eat until the last minute often means you will reach for anything.


Weight loss

Eating every two to three hours will keep blood sugar levels constant and avoid dips in energy levels. This will prevent you from bingeing and consequently taking in many more calories than your body needs. Aim to have five small meals per day being honest with yourself about the amount of calories going in.


Nutrition tip

Try eating an apple a day. They are full of fibre, helping prevent cravings and contain pectin, a soluble fibre that removes toxins.



Alarmingly, if you average out the daily calorie consumption in America, it is 3790 per day per person. That is with daily recommended calorie intake being 2000 per day for an average woman and 2500 per day for an average man.

Quote of the week

"Fail to plan, plan to fail."



Interesting fact

If you scoff your dinner in just five minutes rather than the recommended 20, you will override the messages telling your brain you're full, say experts at Nottingham University.


Challenge of the week

Winners of this week's side plank challenge (on the left side) are,

Male winner : Matthew Bates with 2 minutes

Male runner up : James Sayers with 1 minute 35 seconds

Female winner : Sophie Kirkwood-Jones with 1 minute 10 seconds

Female runner up : Nicola Putland with 1 minute 2 seconds

WELL DONE to all participants!

Next challenge is to skip for as long as possible without making an error. Results published next Friday.


Star client of the weekJames

This week's star client goes to James Sayers. I have been working with James since September and he has come on leaps and bounds with his all over fitness, in particular his skipping and strength work. He enthusiastically approaches everything I throw his way refusing to be beaten by anything and is a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work James!