Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Newsletter number twenty seven

Hi everyone,Newsletter

Hope you have all had a great week and have a lovely weekend ahead of you. Enjoy this week's read.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and exercise

A Swedish study has shown that exercise can improve symptoms in people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Researchers from the University of Gothenburg divided a group of 102 IBS patients into two groups;one group increasing it's physical activity and the other group maintaining it's usual levels. The subjects in the active group were advised to undertake moderate to vigorous physical activity of between 20 and 30 minutes three to five times per week, and were given telephone support from a physiotherapist. At the study's outset and three months into it, participants rated their different IBS complaints including abdominal pain and quality of life, using a points system. The results clearly showed a link between increased activity and improved symptoms. Riadh Sadik, a senior physician responsible for the study said, 'The group with unchanged lifestyle had an average decrease of symptoms by 5 points. The active group on the other hand showed a symptom improvement with an average reduction of 51 points'.


Weight loss

Investing in some scales (for the kitchen) to weigh out food is crucial when on a weight loss mission. It is so easy to deceive yourself by thinking the portion you have given yourself is the right amount. People are often astounded by how many calories they are really consuming, so having those scales there will prevent you from making any mistakes. Even if you are eating healthily, remember that too much of it will still mean excess calories resulting in you carrying excess weight. Measuring out your alcohol consumption at home is also a good tip to put you on the road to weight loss success. We often assume that we have drunk far less than we actually have!


Nutrition tip

GARLIC is gathering a reputation for helping to maintain a healthy heart and regular amounts of garlic also seem to help the body fight off infections. These antibacterial effects were first discovered in the early 19th century during an outbreak of infectious fever....English priests caught the fever, but the French priests who ate garlic everyday remained healthy.



If you have a sweet tooth and are partial to a Lindt Lindor truffle ball, it is wise to remember that each one contains 79 calories!


Quote of the week

"Alcohol is liquid cake!"

One of my clients!


Interesting fact

About 42% of the more than 10,000 runners who finished the 1989 New York marathon were over the age of 40. Of these, 56 runners were over 70 years old. The oldest finisher of the race (in 6 hours and 43 minutes) was 91 years old!


Challenge of the week 

The coming week's challenge is to see how many continuous leg raises can be done with a 1kg medicine ball between the ankles.


Star client of the weekTony

This week's star client is Tony Bamford-Mumby. Tony put in a great session earlier this week working extremely hard from start to finish. Well done Tony!






Well done Pots! All in good

Well done Pots! All in good preparation for the big event this time next week! x

What a star you are! Well

What a star you are! Well done darling! Denise xxx