Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey


Weight loss before wedding The difference I felt was the sense of really tailoring the sessions to me and my goals. I got a sense of responsiveness and the feeling that Dom was listening to my goals and keeping the sessions varied and challenging while focusing on target areas. This meant I also saw the positive and realistic results week by week. Dom was good at creating a positive environment and an open rapport where I felt comfortable asking questions. The regular and timely feedback on email after our sessions really helped to keep me motivated. Dom was on time for our sessions (which were early) and prepared which gave me confidence that the sessions had been thought out to help me achieve my goals. I found Dom really intuitive, knowing how far to push me and when to ease off! The sessions with Dom have got me back into enjoying exercise.

Alex Sayers (bride), Wimbledon Village



Dom has been inspiring! Along with her positive and caring attitude she has given me the enthusiasm and commitment for keeping fit. She has created a programme for me that takes full account of my age and physical limitations, with this and her nutritional advice I am steadily losing weight and have improved my general health, fitness and confidence in only a few weeks. I highly recommend Dom to people of any fitness level to inspire and motivate – she is a star!

Denise Bamford-Mumby, Wimbledon Village



I was cajoled by my wife to have ‘just one’ training session with Dom and now I am hooked and have two each week! Her ability to see what I needed to bring my fitness level up and how mentally and physically this has improved my attitude has been inspiring in itself. I recommend anyone who is at all hesitant at the thought of exercise to get in touch with Dom she will change your opinion in no time at all.

Tony Bamford-Mumby, Wimbledon Village



I have been seeing Dom for about 6 months. I find her to be a supportive, fun and genuine trainer.  When you think of personal trainers sometimes you think “scary” but Dom isn’t like that – she is realistic and pushes you to your limits without you realizing and I always get a buzz after our sessions and feel ready to take on the day. 
Also with Dom its not just the sessions that she puts effort into – its support with nutrition and motivation during the week. She is genuinely dedicated to her clients and wants to see them succeed.
I moved from Battersea to Surrey earlier this year and she was flexible and willing to come to me in Reigate – which has been a godsend – and great that I could keep up my training with her – as she knows where I am at in my goals and fitness. We are currently working towards a weight loss goal for my wedding in Australia next year and I feel confident I will get there with her support and tailored programs to suit my problem areas and weaknesses!
Jo Wallace, Reigate



I used to be reasonably fit and healthy, but having started a very busy job two years ago, working long hours and awkward shift patterns, I was finding it increasingly difficult to find time to exercise. For me the big problem was motivation. The less I did, the less I wanted to do. 'Getting back into it' seemed like too much of a challenge to take on alone and that's when I was put in touch with Dom! After an extremely thorough intial consultation she was able to design a 'tailor-made' programme for me, with very specific goals focussing on improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and muscle tone as well as using 'food diaries' to gain a better understanding of the important role of diet. She is always so positive and her attention to detail is fantastic. I am loving exercise again and having just completed my first 6 session course I have already signed up for another 12! With more energy and more confidence I am truly hooked! With her encouragement I continue to challenge my physical limits in every session. And, apart from the occasional sore muscle , it has been great fun!

Katy Smith, Wimbledon Village



Thank you SO much- I have really really enjoyed the sessions and feel I have got
a lot out of them- I will def be back!

Lucy Axford, Barnes



Dom has literally helped me change my life and realise a lifelong dream.  I had
always been reasonably healthy in what I ate but with an often busy lifestyle
and surrounded by snack and convenience foods when busy at work, I often found
it hard to be disciplined and get the balance with exercise and portion control. 
Dom has been a friend for a few years and it took me a long time and a lot of
courage to finally ask her to help me with my goal as I didn't want her to be
disappointed in me if I didn't show the discipline she is so used to in the
world of professional sport.  From the outset of our PT time (2 months ago) Dom
has been a true professional and when we are on our sessions it is business all
the way.  I have lost 23 lbs a month ahead of my goal date and have achieved
something I only ever thought was a dream. But it's not only about the weight
loss, Dom has opened up a whole new world of health and fitness, educating me
about food, exercise and core strength (something which is so important as I
have long term back problems).  I won't say it's been easy as it's been many
weeks of hard work  and emotional, mental and physical discipline. Dom has been
with me every step of the way inspiring, motivating and challenging me to push
my boundaries again and again.  It feels like magic and I get a buzz now every
time I exercise and restless when I don't.  My next goal is to focus on fitness
and body shape.  I told Dom at the start that for me it's about short term
misery versus long term happiness and I am the happiest I have been for a long
time and that is partly due to the energy I now have but also the compliments
are quite nice too.

Sue Munch, Putney



Having been shy of exercise for many years, I eventually gave in and signed up for three months with Dom.  The experience has not only been satisfying because of my increased fitness and wellbeing,  but has added enjoyment into my week !   Dom’s encouragement and support is, for me, one of the most inspiring areas of her training sessions – she makes me push myself more than I thought I was capable of and motivates me to try harder at all times.  Her holistic approach to exercise, combining attitude, exercise and diet makes the experience very satisfying and gives great results.

Jackie Hyde, Wimbledon Village



I have been working with Dom for the last four months and can really feel a marked difference in not only my physical fitness but also how awake I feel mentally. We train twice weekly and it is clear that Dom has listened to what my objectives are and then has planned the session accordingly. Every session is different and Dom does a really good job of motivating me to complete the tasks to the best of my ability. Thanks for all your help Dom!

James Sayers, Wimbledon Village




After being fit and active at university, starting a new busy job left me feeling unmotivated and lazy. I have been training with Dom for nearly 3 months now and although it can be very hard work I have loved every minute. I never get bored because every session is different, it is obvious that Dom spends time thinking about my goals and how best to help reach them. But Dom’s hard work doesn't stop with the session plans, she has also given me guidance on my diet and helps to keep me motivated in between sessions.
Dom’s encouragement has allowed me to push myself further than ever and helped to completely change my attitude towards exercise. I have now started training more on my own incorporating exercises Dom has recommended for me to try and working towards goals Dom has helped me set. 
Without Dom’s patience and motivation I never would have got back into exercising regularly. I have still got lots of room for improvement but I know Dom will support me the whole way! Thanks Dom!

Sophie Kirkwood-Jones, Walton on Thames



When my wife suggested PT sessions to reduce my blood pressure and to get us in
shape, I was very unsure. Three months later my scepticism has evaporated, my
blood pressure has decreased markedly and both of us feel fitter, leaner and
perkier than before whilst also having a lot of fun along the way. So many
thanks Dom, your professional but human approach has had a fantastic effect.

Matthew and Nicola Bates, Wimbledon



I have been training with Dom since September last year and she is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. She motivates you all the time and is completely committed to helping you achieve your goals, be it weight loss or fitness.

She understands the importance of nutrition combined with tailored training programmes, and I have now lost a stone and a half, am fitter than I have ever been ( at 60!) and feel fantastic. I look forward to my sessions with Dom, and although she works me really hard, I always feel great afterwards. My advice? Sign up now!

Julia Bowen, Wimbledon Village




I love every session with Dom. In the PT sessions with her I achieve things which I never thought I would be able to do. Dom makes you feel that no matter what it is, you can do it!  Dom is also always there with support when I need it with my diet. I can text her at any time and she will reply with wise words and encouragement. It has been extremely hard work not only physically but also mentally, but with Dom’s help I have managed to achieve my first goal and am aiming for the next one! Not only has Dom helped me to lose weight but she has helped me to completely change my lifestyle. I absolutely love exercising now and fit my day around when I can go to the gym rather than finding excuses why I can’t. She has helped me relish the buzz you get from exercising and now I am addicted! I feel leaner and fitter than I have ever before and I would never have been able to do it without her. Thank you so much Dom!

Sophie Bowen, Wimbledon Village




Having being a regular runner/ exerciser but then stopping for a couple of years, I was really worried about trying to get fit again.  I was daunted by the enormity of the job, but Dom was positive right from the start.  She was so patient and constantly encouraged me, even when I thought I was breathing my last.  I was certain I couldn't do a 10km run, but Dom said I could…..and I did.  My arms had become flabby, but after 6 weeks with Dom I reached out to turn off a light and did a double take as I noticed an arm muscle.  Now that was
satisfying!  Dom is a delight to work with - she pushes me and doesn't let me
give up, but manages to make me feel so much better about myself and my ability. 
Thanks Dom!

Claire Edwards, Wimbledon


I started training with Dom in March 2012. I had not done any serious cardio for about 8 years following an injury. It took Dom 6 weeks to get me to a point where I could run 5km comfortably. She has given me so much self confidence and drive again. I am no easy customer for anyone as I suffer from severe whiplash and a neuropathic pain disorder. Dom has been able to listen, understand and accommodate all this in her training. Anything that she is unsure about she will research. Her diligence and dedication to my cause has been very heart warming. She is a pleasant person, has good sense of humour and has kind but firm mannerisms. She understands what she is doing, (I know this to be true as I myself was an aerobics instructor). I love my sessions with her, I feel that I can accomplish so much on many levels than I could six months ago. Both my head and my body say thank you!!!!

Anna Dall Kaur, Wimbledon



I found Dom through Google as I was looking for some structure and motivation to help me on my fitness journey before or after work.  A much better use of time rather than sitting in traffic jams!).   Dom has helped me to get myself back into fitness and motivate me to kick start a regular routine.  Her one to one sessions are about 3 times more effective than a gym session (pushing and motivating me further than I would do on my own) and after just 12 sessions my core strength is greatly improved, and my running has improved a lot to.   I've just signed up for another 12 sessions.   Therefore I would definitely recommend Dom to anyone looking for some help in improving their fitness levels / making life changes - it's a great investment in yourself!

Chris L-Davies, Chiswick


I began working with Dom in advance of a planned holiday.  I was sceptical at first as my previous experience with women PT’s had not been a great one but from the moment I met Dom I was impressed with all that was said and done.

Dom provided me with both challenging but achievable programmes, she focused on the areas which I wished to focus on and she provided a well-balanced and stimulating work-out on every occasion. 

Dom has been flexible with the training dates and times and has always strived to provide me with the best work-out morning or night, rain or shine.

Dom is a fantastic and inspirational individual to work with both with her fitness and sporting achievements and with her personality.  I have enjoyed working with Dom so much and even the early morning starts on the weekend were a pleasure as I knew it would all be worth it with the results that Dom would provide me with.

Stacey Aylett, Walton-on-Thames