Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey
Dominique Lloyd-Walter (former England squash international) works as a personal trainer in and around Surrey

Weekly newsletter number eight

Hi everyone,Dom Lloyd-Walter - Personal trainer based in Weybridge

The end of another week has arrived and so here is newsletter number eight for you. I hope you find the information useful and please let me know any thoughts by using the comments box at the bottom of the page. Have a GREAT weekend!


When we talk about people having either a fast or slow metabolism, we are referring to their metabolic rate. The term 'metabolic rate' refers to the energy (calories) you expend over a day just to keep your body functioning....your heart beating, your lungs breathing etc. This is often known as the basal metabolic rate. Through years of experiments, scientists have found that overweight people use more energy to keep their bodies working due to bigger muscles and internal organs. However, after taking into account differences in body size, lean and obese people have been shown to have similar metabolic rates. Basal metabolic rate can be influenced by body composition because muscle requires more energy to function than fat. As we age, we tend to lose muscle and gain fat explaining why basal metabolic rate usually decreases with age. Two people of the same age and weight may have differing metabolic rates if one is fitter and has more muscle. It is important to remember our energy needs are also determined by how active we are during the day (basal metabolic rate and the energy required for physical activity make up our total energy expenditure).

It is common for overweight people to place blame on a 'slow metabolism'. However, research has shown that people consume more calories than they think. It is important to recognise this (keeping a food diary is a very effective method) and start changing bad habits today.

There are many pills, supplements and foods that claim to speed up metabolism. However mostly this is unproven and if there is any change, it is likely to be too small to notice. The truth is that there is no magic ingredient to melt body fat away....we simply have to monitor our diets and increase our physical activity to expend calories. The amount each individual burns varies on age, size and gender, but there is a rough guide below,

* 60 minutes walking burns 200 calories (equivalent to a bag of Maltesers)

* 60 minutes gardening burns 230 calories (equivalent to two small glasses of white wine)

* 60 minutes swimming burns 520 calories (equivalent to a McDonald's quarter pounder)

* 60 minutes running burns 700 calories (equivalent to a Burger King chicken sandwich)


Motivational fact

There is no arguing that a flat stomach improves your appearance, but there is more to a flat stomach than the apparent physical benefits. Losing excess weight from your stomach eliminates the danger of deep hidden belly fat around your organs. This fat can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some kinds of cancer. Doctors say that just 30 minutes of daily physical activity (whether it be either walking or dancing) can have a positive effect on hidden belly fat.

Whilst the ultimate goal is to have flat abdominal muscles, the first step for men is to get their waist circumference under 40 inches and women to get their waist circumference under 38 inches. This is where a structured diet and exercise programme can be of tremendous help.


Weight loss

MYTH : People inherit being overweight

FACT : Genetics do decide the shape of your body as well as determining your height and possible risks to your health. However even if there is a history of obesity in your family, you can help yourself by adopting good habits....introducing a sensible diet and regular exercise into your lifestyle. It will be the bad habits you pick up from your family such as calorific foods and lack of exercise that will make you overweight as opposed to your genes.


Nutrition tip

We are led to believe that smoothies are full of goodness, but that "healthy" berry blend at a smoothie bar or café is likely to have an almighty 80 grams of sugar, 350 calories, no protein and often no fresh fruit. Vitamin poor fruit concentrates are often used instead of more expensive fresh fruit. Sorbet, ice cream and sweeteners can make these no better than a milkshake. When you do have a smoothie, remember to ask for a small cup, fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt, milk or protein powder to blend in good nutrition.


Calorie shocker

Vitamins are often added to bottled water and advertised on the front label. Some brands also add sugar taking water from zero calories to as much as 125 per small bottle. Often the vitamins don't contribute much, but the calories do!

As an alternative, try adding a small amount of cordial to your big glass of water to add flavour without calories.


Motivational quote

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are paying the price to make them come true."



Fun quote

"An unwatched pot boils immediately."

H.F Ellis


Star client of the week

I have awarded star client to someone who last won the title back in July. Jo Wallace has had an excellent few weeks not only with her weight loss mission in preparation for her wedding in February (the pounds are coming off steadily each week), but she has also improved her running pace significantly through sheer hard work. Well done Jo....that final goal is well within sight!

Jo star client








I agree that people DO NOT

I agree that people DO NOT inherit being overweight. Motivation and a LETS DO IT NOW attitude will bring out the slim person in everyone. x